Healing Arts BODYWORK

MA-URI® has its roots in Polynesian traditions. The bodywork uses a holistic approach to self-healing and works not only on the physical level, but also on emotional and spiritual levels. It leads to the restoration of harmony at all three levels, which is a prerequisite for the full use of life potential and talents we have.

During the session you may experience internal discoveries and breakthroughs, strengthen your resolutions and intentions or just relax.


MA-URI® practitioners operate in the Scandinavian countries, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary and Romania. After completing the full training program, a Practice License is issued to the graduates by the MA-URI® Institute.

About me

Marta Hozer-Koćmiel - licensed MA-URI practitioner. During the sessions she tries to convey the experience she gained in Poland in the ‘4 Winds’ House of Learning from Justyna Rychlewska-Suska and in New Zealand under the guidance of Katja and Hemi Fox. She was also trained by Helle Hestbjerg, the creator of Mama MA-URI. She works at the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Szczecin, where she conducts research on the economic situation of women. In private life she is a happy wife and mother of two sons. She lives near the woods on the outskirts of Szczecin, combining life in the countryside with life in a big city.


My Teachers

We all are connected and learn from each other. However, after meeting some people, the world does not look the same anymore. My first spiritual teacher was French yogi Verena Bernard, who despite being in the 9th decade of her life still leads yoga classes. She repeats that the body is like a car - planned to work for a certain number of years, but the time it remains functional depends on the way we use it

The next milestone was the meeting with Katarzyna Pakalnicka-Prychitko: art therapist, masseuse and a free spirit organizing various workshops - dance in the circle, spontaneous dance, dance for mothers with children. The first touch I received was from Kasia and she inspired me to start working with the body

The MA-URI workshop run by a healer Justyna Rychlewska-Suska is like a jump from the first grade right up to the fifth. The founder of the ‘4 Winds’ House of Learning, MA-URI trainer, visionary, artist, healer, shaman. Love at first sight. As her students say about her ‘Justyna is not from this world ...’

Hemi and Katja Fox – Maori and Danish, teacher and artist whose meeting resulted in the creation of MA-URI® and the foundation of the MA-URI® Institute. These lines sum up their teaching approach and philosophy of life:

When we find our Heart, we find our way!
It is then we begin to heal and to expand our vision;
It is then we discover that Love is what empowers and
Opens us to the spiritual aspects of our journey through life!

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The creator of Mama MA-URI Helle Hestbjerg (Danish) helps to discover what it means to be a woman and shows how to balance female and male energies. Together with Jurga Mozūrienė (Lithuanian) they conduct the MA-URI touch workshop for pregnant women